Using Signage: Communicate through COVID-19 and more


Using Signage: Communicate through COVID-19 and more

December 20, 2021

Clear and effective communication – be that of your brand, your products, or your mission – is the most important facet in marketing your business or event. While there are a plethora of ways to accomplish concise messaging, signage should play a role in it for many reasons.              

  1. Cost Effective

    Signage is an initial investment, however, when done right the end result is worth it. Exterior signage can be considered 24/7, 365 advertising. When compared to other common advertising avenues, the investment of exterior signage can seem quite minor. Given the numerous signage options, any budget can find an effective means of communication. Turn to professionals to help you select the best product for your project to ensure it is long-lasting and done correctly.

  2. Brand Recognition

    Signage can exponentially impact brand recognition for businesses. Those who promote a consistent narrative by using the same fonts, colors, and themes in their branding are reinforcing their hard work when investing in signage. Whether that signage is meant for the exterior of a building, pull down banners for trade shows, A-Frame boards for sidewalk use, decals for window displays or the myriad of other options, signage done correctly reinforces your brand to repeat and new customers.

  3. Increased Sales

Quality signage can help generate impulse sales. We’ve all done it – drive by a boutique or department store and seen the banners in the windows or the A-frame signage boards out front proclaiming a new line of products or great sale and decide a quick stop couldn’t hurt. The Small Business Administration estimates between 20-45 percent of sales come from impulse buys. Why not take advantage of that with your own signage to capture the attention of passerby’s?

Creating exceptional signage is a bit like a science project. Business owners need to define the problem or need before components like location, size, design, branding, and materials can be expertly added to the mix. Why? Because every unique problem or need requires a unique solution.

The signage solution a restaurant would utilize to highlight their COVID-19 carryout menu options likely wouldn’t be the same as what a consignment shop would use to explain new policies for disinfecting and dropping off items. The location of those signage pieces, the design, sizing, and material selection would be vastly different for those two projects.

But each of those components is as important to one as they are to the other. They both have needs that require a solution. The restaurant could utilize an A-Frame outside in front of their location with their specialty menu and contact information while the consignment shop could utilize single use flyers as well as a large printed magnet on their receiving door to call out the policy changes. In either case, effective signage has helped their customers decipher a unique situation.

Whether you need a banner, window vinyl, aluminum, plastic, foam or magnetic signage, Graphic Design, Inc. has the options and the knowledge needed to help you communicated clearly and effectively with your customers.