COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

By now COVID-19 has become a common household topic. The respiratory illness primarily affects the elderly and those with underlying conditions and is the cause of massive regulatory changes in nearly every aspect of life.

Some of these regulations have required businesses to close their doors and those who have been able to stay open have had to adhere to strict guidelines to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. As cases begin to decline, essential businesses will continue to be required to enforce health and safety measures while businesses being allowed to reopen their doors will be faced with those same regulations.

Because of the nature of the spread of this disease, measures such as social distancing, wearing facial coverings and washing or sanitizing hands regularly are all critical to the success of reopening.

As a business owner, you’ll need to direct both customers and employees to follow these regulations and to do so, you’ll need the right products to convey those messages. Graphic Design, Inc. can help you communicate effectively with products like the ones below to ensure everyone stays healthy.


Window & Wall Decals

Easy to remove, our window and door decals are the perfect medium to post temporary hours of operation, new menus and specials or updated policies.

Single-use Items

Everything from single-use menus to flyers for policy changes or specials are going to be important to keep your customers healthy. The options are virtually unlimited

Floor Decals

Use decals on your floor to show customers the correct social distance in checkout lines or to denote special lines just for those most at risk. Durable material but easy to remove.

A-Frame Signage

Post a reduced menu and contact information or welcome your customers back with a heartfelt message and health measures to expect inside with an A-Frame out front.


Use a large banner to welcome your customers back with your hours or post a wholesome message to keep morale high for passerby's. With indoor and outdoor options, you can choose the best fit!


Make sure your customers know you're still open or you're back open with a flag or use it to denote order pickup spots. With full customization available for colors and text, the options are endless.

These are just a few of the options Graphic Design, Inc. has available.

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